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Solar Cell Non

Solar Cell Non

Package Size 375.00cm * 335.00cm * 285.00cm Package Gross Weight 5200.000kg Regarding solar cell non-destructive laser s
Basic Info.
Model NO. SL5-UD3600 SL5-UD7000
Laser Lifetime 30,000 Hours
Certifacation CE
Slotting Laser China Raycus or Import Spi /Ipg
Transport Package Sea Freight
Specification SL5-UD3600 SL5-UD7000
Trademark DelphiLaser
Origin China
HS Code 8456110090
Production Capacity 1000 PCS/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 375.00cm * 335.00cm * 285.00cm Package Gross Weight 5200.000kg
Product Description

Regarding solar cell non-destructive laser scribing machine, DelphiLaser is the leader in the industry, and we are the only overseas agent of DelphiLaser.Top 10 Advantages of Solar Cell Non-Destructive Laser Scribing Machine:Top 1: WaterlessNo Secondary PollutionTop 2: Low TemperatureHigh PerformanceTop 3: 156-230mmP & N type CompatibleTop 4: PERC HIT TOPCONHJT IBC CompatibleTop 5: CCD auto-correctionTop 6: Ultra-low broken rate, No hidden cracksTop 7: Ultra-high bending strengthTop 8: High usage rate, Maintenance-freeTop 9: Can update to 1/31/4 1/5 upto 1/7Top 10: CompatibleUnloading boxFunction: solar cell non-destructive laser scribing machine is automatic non-constructive laser cutting machine that is used to scribe and break apart full solar cells to half-cutting cells, no mechanical splitting cell to get the best cutting effect. it is integrated with loading and unloading systems, laser scribing, automatic break-apart, and vision detection systems. This machine is widely used in PV industry to produce high-efficiency silicon solar modules in China and other countries.Features of equipment
  1. The latest technology of Non-Destructive Cutting (thermal laser separation technology)
  2. Dry Cutting, Waterless, no need water spray during Splitting (No Water Stains Pollution)
  3. High throughput upto 7000pcs/h(SL5-UD7000)
  4. Low breakage rate, less than 0.05%
  5. Low Splitting Temperature (<130°C), meets the lower temperature requirement of PERC Hit Topcon IBC Cells cutting.
  6. N-type and P-type cells Compatible
  7. Smooth cutting surface with no cracks
  8. Easy to upgrade reserved space to upgrade to 1/3 1/4 cut
  9. Simple process, with only 4 steps: loading, Slotting, Splitting and unloding. Without water spraying and drying process
  10. Low breakage rate ≤0.05%
  11. Automatic split, no mechanical split action, split directly by laser
  12. Easy Maintenance
  13. Optional to butt-joint ATW or Lead tabber stringer, finished cut cells could transfer to stringer by update kits
  14. Visual detection systems, 20Mpixel CCD Industrial camera could pickup NG cells out and auto-correct the cutting position
  15. Less dust: micro-dust, only a few dust is generated clean and environmentally friendly
Technical specification
ClassifyItemTechnical indexRemarks
Equipment performanceApplicable solar cellsCell TypeMono 156-230mm 1/2 cutreserve the space to update 1/3 1/4 ; less than half hour to switch different sizes cells
Cell thickness160-220(±10um)Maximum thickness deviation of one batch of cells <20μm
Cell Grid linelayoutThe cutting area of both the front or back side of the cells, must have blank area with width ≥1.5mm(no thick or thin silver grid line)
Cell warpage<2mmA grade cell
Maximum capacitySL5-UD70007000pcs/h (full cell)166 perc cell: 7000 pcs/h (full cell)182 Perc Cell: 6500-6600 pcs/h (full cell)
Equipment utilization≥99%failure rate ≤1%
Fragmentation rate≤0.05%Including fragments, missing corners, chipped edges and other poor appearance
Equipment operationTouch screen + regular operation buttons + external wireless keyboard and mouse
Process indexHeat affected zoneNo
Comprehensive cutting accuracyCentering accuracy ±0.07mm
Laser indexSlotting laser50WChina RAYCUSOr Import SPI /IPG optional different price
Splitting laser300W Belin Laser (Delphilaser produced)
Laser wavelength1064nm
cooling methodNatural cooling
Laser lifetime30,000 hours
Laser protectionLevel 4 safety protectionSafety light curtains + optical sealed box +Safety door+ Protective glasses

CameraCCD CameraHigh resolution industrial camera20 million pixels, positioning accuracy ≤±0.05mm
Camera light sourceUpper light source + lower backlight
Loading Appearance detectDetect the cell chipped edge corner chipTake away NG cells
Unloading detect optionalThe chipped edges , corner chip, offset of cutting line
Automatic processAutomatic loadingManipulator8 Loading boxes, 200 Cells/ boxes
Automatic unloadingBelt + manipulatorStandard unloading box
Splitting waysLaserAutomatic split without water
upgradeMES windowReserve MES windowSupport multiple data output