Advanced Laser Solutions for Make in India at Elecrama 2023
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Advanced Laser Solutions for Make in India at Elecrama 2023

Mar 15, 2024

STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik is renowned for its precision and expertise in laser cutting, laser hardening, and laser cladding. The company provides cutting-edge solutions for manufacturers seeking prototypes, pre-series parts, and small series with the highest accuracy and surface quality. During the exhibition, Rakesh Agarwal, Managing Director of Laser Technologies, Mayank Sharma, General Manager, Sunil Thiagarajan, Manager of German Machinery of Laser Technologies, and Dieter Bulling, Managing Director of STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik, will be present to offer solutions to business visitors.

“STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik offers the highest cutting quality through laser processing, which will help manufacturers in prototypes, pre-series parts, and small series. Laser Technologies always believes in technology that can empower Make in India and is happy to bring global technologies to Elecrama 2023,” said Rakesh Agarwal.

Laser-cutting machines are one of the most promising technologies today to streamline industrial processes. STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik’s laser cutting system offers the best-in-class accuracy with 20-micron resolution levels. “Let’s get into it to understand how STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik can change the way of prototype,” shared Pankti Agarwal, Director Operations of Laser Technologies.

STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik is capable of providing customers with solutions and materials for exceptional cases of need. Their various clamping devices enable the processing of special formats and coil sections, and Honeycomb technology is ideal for filigree geometries. In addition to all types of steel, fibre technology also enables the processing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminium.

ELECRAMA is the largest standalone show in the electrical and allied equipment industry, and it is the largest T&D show in the world. “ELECRAMA is the gateway to the world of electricity, and this flagship showcase of the Indian Electrical Industry ecosystem can bridge the gap between technology and manufacturers,” added Rakesh Agarwal.

Laser Technologies believes in a service-based approach and loyalty towards its clients. The company’s vision is to have a maximum number of happy customers. At ELECRAMA 2023, Laser Technologies invites visitors to explore innovative yet affordable solutions ranging from Laser Marking, Laser Welding, 2D Laser Cutting, 3D Laser Cutting, Laser Cladding, and Laser Hardening.

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